We build for EOS, on EOS and with EOS

Active Full Node

Full bare metal setup located in Zurich datacentre.
24/7 security with fully redundant power & network connections (2 x1Gb up/down). Chosen for maximium security and minimium latency (< 50 ms).


We created a simple ExplorEOS dApp to start with. We go 'underwater' for our next exciting dApp. Stay tuned.


Our EOS journey began in October 2018 and we are grateful for everything we have been able to learn
from the community. We are here in Switzerland to share what we know and to continue

We are fortunate to live and work in Switzerland and benefit from:
  • political stability 
  • advanced infrastructure
  • central european location
  • crypto friendly environment
  • and… great outdoors!

Professional IT Team

We are a team of 5, currently running IT for an organisation in the centre of Zürich. Excited about distributed ledger technologies and crypto, we INVEST OUR RESOURCES in a better future.



Each member of our team contributes significant personal time and resources toward the SwissEOS project. We are committed to support the growth and development of the EOS ecosystem.



Degrees and expertise

Including Economics, Physics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Psychology, Strategy, Infrastructure, Networks, Security, Cryptography, Analysis, Programming, Testing, and Technical Support.



Each with between 12 and 20 years

Most of our experience is in Financial Services with time also spent in Technology Companies, Telecommunication and Media Industry



Self funded

SwissEOS is fully self funded. The team bares all costs associated with maintenance of our enterprise grade EOS node. SwissEOS is committed to supporting a reliable, secure & stable blockchain.

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